Meghan Markle and Harry cut off from royal purse due to Queen’s ‘strict’ working rule | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they would step down from their royal roles in early 2020 in a bid to become financially independent from the Royal Family. The pair have signalled they have no intention of taking more money from the Queen‘s purse, and have shown the first signs of freedom as they struck a multi-million deal with Netflix. But Italian documentary series Ulisse suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have been forced to give up the royal cash regardless of whether they said they would no longer accept it.

Ulisse host Alberto Angela said: “For the exercise of her functions, the sovereign receives taxpayers’ money from the Government. And it is not a few pennies.

In 2019, Elizabeth got over £80 million for the operations carried out by the whole royal…

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