Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Reveal Why They Refused to Join ‘Full House’ Reboot — ‘We Don’t Like to Spread Ourselves Too Thin’

Most actors who declare they’re retiring from Hollywood end up coming back at some point. When it comes to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, however, they really meant it when they said they quit.

The duo rose to fame when they were cast on the ABC sitcom Full House at the age of 6 months. Both girls took turns portraying the youngest kid in the family, Michelle Tanner. And they used that popularity to launch a successful branding and movie career.

That all came to an abrupt halt in early 2012 when they announced their complete retirement from acting. The Olsen twins even refused to return for the reboot of the show that made them famous. Here’s why Mary-Kate and Ashley just wouldn’t sign on for Fuller House.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen went from films to high…

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