It has never been tougher to be a young person

Internationally renowned survival expert and adventurer Bear Grylls told CNBC that “it has never been tougher to be a young person” following the Covid-19 crisis.

The TV star and best-selling author of over 90 books was speaking on the sidelines of The Goals House January Dialogues about the launch of his new global learning and development organization, BecomingX, which aims to “demystify what it really takes to succeed.”

Grylls, who was also one of the youngest climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest, said the pandemic “makes those hills and those obstacles in front of young people now into giant mountains.”


BecomingX aims to inspire today’s youth and give them the tools they need to succeed. Grylls’ co-founder is Paul Gurney — a former senior director at Accenture…

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