Advice from my mom that I use in business

Kevin O’Leary, investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” is known for being blunt – even when it seems harsh. And it stems from something he learned from his mother, Georgette.

“It’s easy to lie to people because you want to keep them feeling good. You don’t want to tell them the truth,” O’Leary tells CNBC Make It. “But she told me, ‘If you never lie to anybody, even though it’s hard to tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said, and you never get caught in a lie.'”

“My mother’s point was, why not just tell the truth [and] take the heat on the moment?” O’Leary continued. “You’ll never have to take the heat again. You’re taking [the heat] because you want to be honest and people will respect you for that.”

O’Leary says he had to learn this “the hard way, but she taught me.” Now,…

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