Taylor Swift confirms the names in her song ‘Betty’ are named after Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ kids

Taylor Swift has revealed the meaning behind her new song ‘Betty,’ confirming that friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds allowed her to reveal the name of their nine-month-old daughter.

In a radio interview on Wednesday, the 10-time Grammy Award winner, 30, addressed fan speculation over her use of the names in ‘Betty’ on her eighth studio album, folklore.

Swift explains that the song is about a teenager who just lost the love of his life and is experiencing what it’s like to give a heartfelt and meaningful apology for the first time.

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody really messes up sometimes,” she shares. “This is a song that I wrote from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy. I always loved that in music you can kind of slip into different identities and you can sing from other…

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