Secret Celebrity TikTok Accounts

Secret Celebrity TikTok Accounts

Celebrities are beginning to join the world of TikTok—and some of these stars are flying under the radar.

While many celebrities have highly public social media accounts that are followed by millions, some stars prefer to use strange usernames and anonymous profile photos to go somewhat unnoticed…

…until fans uncover their semi-secret accounts, that is.

Some of these not-so-hidden celebrity TikTok accounts are used to take part in viral trends or experiment with popular filter and audio effects, while others are used to share intimate or behind-the-scenes videos.

Below, discover a list of celebrities with (somewhat) secret TikTok accounts.

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    Maisie Williams

    Considering her username is @lil.hustla and her profile photo is an image Hey Arnold!‘s titular character, you probably wouldn’t…

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