Safaree Says He’s Bouncing Back And Calls Himself ‘Goat’ – Fans Are Happy For His Success

Safaree just told his fans that he’s bouncing back and he’ll be a ‘goat.’ He has some new music out and it seems that it’s getting more and more popular and successful, so Safaree could not be prouder.

Check out the recent post that he shared on his social media account below.

‘My bounce back will forever be of Goat Status! God’s light is too bright on me to see or acknowledge people, not on my level! Forever BLESSED‼️You wanna work hard or make excuses?! We working ova here 💥‼️💪🏾 📸 @mr_guerra,’ Safaree said.

He also announced his fans that his new music is getting the well-deserved recognition: ‘My new song “Tek off” just got added to a great playlist today! Click the link in my bio and keep streaming and watching the…

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