our signature song shines half a century on

The song, written by Leonetti and Bobby Troup (who also gave the world the R&B standard Route 66) was broadcast well into the 1980s prior to the station closing down around midnight or 1am. As a kid, if you were awake to hear it and see the white kangaroo pull down the blind which said goodnight, it meant you were up way too late and your parents likely didn’t know.

Leonetti’s late-night Sydney TV variety show, The Tommy Leonetti Show, which ran from 1969 to 1970, came on just before the signature song. The live show brought together some of the best musicians in the business, playing live at the television station’s Mobbs Lane, Epping studios.

According to Garry McDonald, the Norman Gunston Show was initially devised as a parody of this show. The song had such a cult following that punk…

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