Niall Horan girlfriend: The real reason behind split from Hailee Steinfeld | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The source said: “Their split was hard, but time has passed, and he has moved forward with it all, and he believes she has as well.

“It feels that everything is water under the bridge at this point and Niall knows better than anybody else that artists use their music as a way to express themselves and he understands if she feels a certain way, then she should be able to do the same.”

Both singers are said to have been distraught by the split, which some claim inspired some of Niall’s songs on his new album Heartbreak Weather.

Specifically the song Black and White is thought to have been inspired the break down of his relationship with Hailee.

Throughout the lyrics of the song, the Niall is said to reminisce the memories of their relationship followed by “I see us in black and white” which…

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