Eriksmoen: Last curtain call for Netherton’s 1973 performances on the Medora stage occurred 32 years later

Harold and Sheila Schafer introduced Netherton to Welk at a Bismarck golf course and, “a few nights later, Welk had the young man auditioning to become a regular on his popular television program, in front of an audience of 19,000 people at a show in St. Paul. Netherton was a hit and he made his television debut on the Lawrence Welk Christmas Special in 1973.

Netherton had a rich, baritone voice, a sincere wholesomeness, and handsome looks that soon made him a fan favorite, especially with the women. Welk considered his show as being “family friendly,” and Netherton, being a proclaimed “born again Christian,” certainly fulfilled the image Welk wanted on his show.

Netherton sang mostly religious…

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