Coldplay’s Chris Martin hails ‘differently-abled’ Australian singer Emmanuel Kelly

Determined to turn his life and career around after two decades of stops and starts, Emmanuel Kelly came up with a wish-list of chart-toppers with whom to perform by the end of his 22nd birthday year.

Dreaming big was natural for the musician, who escaped growing up amid bombs and bullets in Iraq to build a new life in Australia, where a 2011 X Factor Australia appearance spawned a global following and concerts from Sydney to Las Vegas.

But behind the scenes, the singer’s heritage and physical differences sparked endless rejections from record labels, agents and managers, pushing Kelly down a dark hole of drugs and drink, until he manifested his musical dreams back to life.

Emmanuel Kelly performs with Chris Martin at Coldplay's Melbourne concert in 2016
Emmanuel Kelly performs with Chris Martin at Coldplay’s Melbourne concert in 2016 (Twitter)

“I wanted to perform with…

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