Brian McKnight Says Kobe Bryant Had The Potential To Become A Big Rapper – Here’s Why!

Brian McKnight just dropped his brand new album titled EXODUS and while promoting it, he also discussed the incredible musical talent of the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant! The topic came into discussion during an interview for HollywoodLife and that is when the R&B singer suggested that the basketball player had enough talent to pursue a hip hop career as well, if he so wished.

It makes sense that Brian McKnight can see true potential in people!

After all, he is an experienced artist who has worked with many of the industry’s most well-known names such as Mariah Carey, Boys II Men and Celine Dion, to just mention a few!

So when asked during the chat with the news outlet if Kobe Bryant could have been a big rapper, Brian did not hesitate to respond: ‘Oh for sure. For sure….

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