All That Moby Needs Is To Be Good : NPR

Jonathan Nesvadba/Courtesy of the artist

Moby continues to release music — this month, he put out a new album, All Visible Objects -- but in recent years his philanthropic and activist work on behalf of animal rights has taken up more of his time, money and skin.

Jonathan Nesvadba/Courtesy of the artist

Here is the story of how Moby got his second neck tattoo: In early September of 2019, on the eve of his 54th birthday, the electronic music producer born Richard Melville Hall was having lunch at the vegan restaurant in Los Angeles that he owns, Little Pine. When a pal asked Moby how he intended to celebrate, another responded with a quick quip before he could answer: “Get a tattoo.”

For Moby, this declaration made in jest was an epiphany. The joke reminded him of a wedding he once attended, where a retired porn star solemnly sang…

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