A forecast for the hottest songs of summer

A forecast for the hottest songs of summer

BTS, “Butter”

What it is: The K-pop juggernaut’s latest single, which is currently atop the Billboard Hot 100, mashes together a ton of styles — lite-funk on the verses, glittery synthpop on the chorus, and the occasional gang-vocal “yeah!” that carried many a festival-ready anthem in the ’10s — in a compact two minutes and 40-ish seconds.

Highlight: The vocoder-mimicking breakdown at 1:33, which leads into a wholesome yet bragging rap by BTS’s Suga.

Song of the Summer forecast: Partly sunny. BTS has been one of pop’s biggest groups in terms of sheer audience size for a few years now, and “Butter,” with its stylistic shifts, has a generation-spanning appeal that’ll make it a hit at parties.

Cardi B Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Cardi B, “Up”

What it is: The Bronx…

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