Watch: Disney+ releases trailer for ‘The One and Only Ivan’

Disney Plus has released a new trailer for its upcoming major film,
“The One and Only Ivan,” based off the novel from Katherine Applegate.

The story focuses on Ivan, a silverback gorilla who learns about life and how it isn’t “defined by place and circumstance but by the power of friendship and the courage to make change happen.”

Streaming begins on Aug. 14.

Watch the trailer below:

The film will have a star-studded cast as well, who will work as voice actors on the film.

  • Sam Rockwell stars as Ivan.
  • Angelina Jolie stars as Stella.
  • Danny DeVito will voice Bob the Dog.
  • Helen Mirren will voice Snickers the poodle
  • Bryan Cranston as Mack, the mall’s owner

Here’s an official description of the film from Disney…

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