Leonardo DiCaprio Relied on ‘Trimalchio,’ An Earlier Draft of ‘The Great Gatsby,’ to Guide His Performance in the Film — ‘Trimalchio Was a Lot More Overt’

The Great Gatsby is widely regarded as one of the best novels in American literature. The timeless tale has been brought to life more than once, but its most memorable interpretation is arguably the 2013 rendition starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire

Although it’s common knowledge that The Great Gatsby’s production crew relied on the novel to create the film, few people knew that the team actually relied on Trimalchio, an earlier version of the book, to guide their development.  

Leonardo DiCaprio was hesitant to sign on for ‘The Great Gatsby’

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Director Baz Luhrmann and Tobey Maguire attend the photocall for ‘The Great Gatsby’ | Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic

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