Shad Gaspard’s threw son to lifeguard as sea swept him away

WWE star Shad Gaspard threw his 10-year-old son Aryeh to a lifeguard to be rescued after the two were swept out to sea in a rip current at Venice Beach on Sunday, an eyewitness exclusively told

They added: ‘His main concern was the safety of his son. He did everything he could to protect his boy.’

Aryeh was about ’25-35 yards out when the lifeguard rescued him,’ Kenichi Haskett, Section Chief with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Services told in an exclusive interview. 

But the time the lifeguard went back out to rescue Shad, the rip current had pulled him out an additional 50-65 yards, making him almost 100 yards off shore.

‘This all happened in just a moment’s notice,’ Haskett said.

Early Wednesday morning, the 39-year-old’s body washed up…

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