Saturday Night Live: Adele hosts as cast pulls off the Jeffrey Toobin gags | Television & radio

This week we kick off with a send-up of the second and “praise Jesus, final” presidential debate. Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) tries to play nice by complimenting moderator Kristen Welker (Maya Rudolph), although he’s his usual unhinged self when directing nutty personal attacks and lies against Joe Biden (Jim Carrey), who struggles to keep his temper in check.

From the get, the sketch is riddled with awkward pauses, missed cues and bungled lines – a frustrated Carrey exclaims ‘Damnit!’ – and it quickly devolves into a mug-off between the guest stars (Carrey’s rubber-faced caricature captures almost none of the real Biden’s idiosyncrasies, serving instead as pure ego trip). Puttering to a weak end, it’s the worst of the election cold opens so far, which is really…

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