Caitlyn Jenner says Dave Chappelle is ‘100% right’ to face down angry transgender mob

Caitlyn Jenner has come to Dave Chappelle‘s defense amid controversy over his Netflix special The Closer, saying the comic is ‘100% right’ to stand up to transgender protesters angered by his gags.

Jenner, the world’s most famous transgender woman, tweeted Tuesday: ‘Dave Chappelle is 100% right.

‘This isn’t about the LGBTQ movement. It’s about woke cancel culture run amok, trying to silence free speech.’ 

‘We must never yield or bow to those who wish to stop us from speaking our minds,’ the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete wrote.   

She spoke as LGBTQ activists continue to bash the comic for his jokes about the transgender community in the special.

Jenner was also moved to speak-out after transgender employees at the streaming service’s office staged a walkout in protest…

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